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If you want a unique piece of jewelry, you need to look through our collection of Aleksandr Lvoff jewelry. This jewelry artist has a well-deserved reputation for wearing pieces of wearable art. Many of his designs are cutting edge in modern jewelry design. Lvoff uses sterling silver as his base. However, the rest of his work can go in just about any direction. He loves to integrate natural stone and petrified wood into his unique pieces. Aleksandr Lvoff jewelry is one of a kind. Each piece is not as any other you have ever seen. The collection contains earrings and pendants that are museum quality pieces. And these are perfect additions to anyone’s jewelry collection. You may be on the hunt for a gift to give someone else for a special occasion. You may want to enhance your own collection. In either case, you should take time to look through this collection and find the perfect piece.

Sterling Silver Scenic  Jasper Pendant  With Pierced Back Sterling Silver Scenic Jasper Pendant With Pierced Back $350.00