About JewelryAdviser

The name Jewelry Adviser has become associated with a trio of specialties - repair of timepieces, creation of lovely giftware and incorporation of the finest gemstones into exquisite accessories. That third specialty has provided jewelry lovers with Jewelry Adviser fine jewelry.

For those who can afford these quality items, Jewelry Adviser jewelry offers a sure way to commemorate a signature event. They can provide the parents or other relatives of a graduate with a prestigious gift. They can supply a bride with a noteworthy accessory, one that she is sure to treasure for years to come.

Each member of Jewelry Adviser’ staff has earned a gemological and hierological certification. That certification has qualified them to work on the various pieces of Jewelry Adviser Fine Jewelry. They help to insure maintenance of quality, the sort of quality that customers associate with this designer’s name.

Because that designer understands the important characteristics of a quality gemstone, he has elected to share his knowledge with his customers. Consequently, he has chosen to offer a guide to diamond buying. Its contents underline the value of any diamond-decorated piece that carries the name “Jewelry Adviser.”

The offered guide provides customers with a keener insight into the four C’s that determine the value of any diamond. The first of those is cut. It is the only human contribution to a gemstone’s beauty. The skilled hands of those on Jewelry Adviser’ staff know how to cut a diamond correctly. Their skills add to the value of the stone that goes into one of Jewelry Adviser’ fine accessories.

The diamond’s weight indicates the number of carats in the stone. As the gem’s weight increases, its price rises in a geometric proportion. The weight is a defined characteristic, unlike the remaining two features of each diamond.

As experts handle a gemstone, they proceed to give it a color grading. The grading of a diamond must be done under a special light. The grading process determines whether the studied piece should be designated as “colorless,” “canary yellow,” “warm mocha,” black or pink. During that process, the studied stone gets compared with pictures, pictures found in a Master Set from the American Gem Society.

The final characteristic of interest to Jewelry Adviser’ trained experts is each diamond’s clarity. The term clarity relates to the presence or absence of inclusions. Because each Jewelry Adviser’ store contains a special microscope, the store’s staff can easily assess the clarity of any diamond. Only those with the highest level of clarity are used in any of Jewelry Adviser fine jewelry.

In every instance, the resulting diamond studded accessory displays the sort of prestige and beauty that has become associated with luxury items. Those qualities make that item the sort of thing that someone with a name and great wealth might want to give to a loved one.

The sort of qualities that are found in these accessories display exactly what customers expect to find in a piece that has been designed for the loving commemoration of one family’s momentous and heartwarming occasion.

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