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Message bracelets offer the people wearing them the opportunity to express themselves on a personal level. These bracelets make perfect gifts to give to people on special occasions. You can select a unique message bracelet to mark the engagement of a family member or to give as gifts to the bridesmaids in your wedding. These bracelets also make the perfect gifts to give to people after special religious occasions such as confirmations, conversions, or baptisms. Message bracelets come in sterling silver in a variety of designs. You can find the perfect gift to give to a loved one among this collection. Whether you are marking a special occasion or giving a gift for no good reason, these bracelets should be on your list of gift considerations. Give the message you want to send with your choices amount these bracelets. These bracelets also make excellent additions to any personal jewelry collection.

Sterling Silver Answered Prayer 7.5 Locket Charm Bracelet Sterling Silver Answered Prayer 7.5" Locket Charm Bracelet $393.10